Different Types Of Medical Excuses

by admin on October 29, 2012

There are many excuse ideas that can help you take off from your school or work. The excuse varies – medically sick condition, hangover, family emergency, misunderstandings with colleagues, just a break from stress, and so on. Employees everywhere and anywhere from managers to clerks sometimes need a break from their work, and thus they look for excuse ideas.

However, in the professional environment of the company all the reasons cannot be accepted for leave. You need to have a valid reason or medical excuse to get your leave approved. Moreover, you need to support the excuse along with a valid medical excuse note. Following are some of the different types of medical excuses:

Flu or Cold

Flu or Cold is one of the common and most valid medical excuses used by many employees. As both of these are infectious, the employee whoever is suffering from flu or cold is mostly asked to stay away from work and take rest so that the infection is not passed to other employees. The virus causing flu or cold is very dangerous and it can attack others too in no time. This is why the person who is suffering from either of these is given leave for 2 or 3 days.


Injuries such as sprains and strains as well are few of the common excuse ideas used. This idea can definitely get the leave approved as the boss will believe that you would not be able to perform well because of the injury. However, you need to produce a doctor’s excuse note at your work, which includes information such as how many days you need rest and till when you are not supposed to lift heavy weights, and so on.

Medical Pains

Another most preferred excuse by most employees is stomach or intestinal pain or discomfort. Most employees relate this discomfort either with food poisoning or with diarrhea. These illnesses can lead to serious weakness due to dehydration. Moreover, the discomfort or pain cannot let the employee work properly, as well as can force him or her to use the washroom frequently. So, if you can use this excuse idea, you would definitely get two or more days of leave.

Skin Related Issues

Skin infection or allergy is another most commonly used medical excuse by the employees in order to take leave from their work. Carbuncles, boils and others are not only just painful but can also infect your colleagues. Hence, dermatological issues are another commonly approved leave ideas. Moreover, if you can produce a note that you have your carbuncle in the advanced stage and it needs to be operated, you can get about 5 to 7 days off from your work.

In addition to the above there are various other medical excuses too. You can use these excuse ideas depending upon number of days you want leave for. However, the most important thing to get your leave approved is to produce a medical excuse note that you got from a doctor. If you cannot visit a doctor just to get a medical note, you can take help of some fake doctor notes online.


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