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by admin on October 29, 2012

There will be a time when all of us would need some time off from work. Your employer may not understand your urge to take a day off from work, and hence you need to come up with a good excuse to ensure that you are out of work for a day or two without being penalized. A good excuse can help working individuals have a break from their daily routines and enjoy the leave in peace which they have taken for a short span of time. There may be situations when you need to attend a close friend’s marriage, take care of your ill pet, or simply relax at home. Well, these are the times when you need to make use of a doctor’s note that allows you to take a break from your work schedule. But, a registered doctor would certainly not issue an excuse note unless you are genuinely affected by certain illness or ailments. In such scenarios, fake doctor’s notes come handy.

A fake doctor’s note is merely an imitation of the original doctor’s note issued by doctors to patients during consultation. These excuse notes are available on the web, and can be downloaded in minutes. There’s a great demand for fake doctor’s notes as they can be obtained conveniently online.

Common Uses of Fake Doctors Notes

An Extra Day Off from Office: Many employees use these excuse notes as they need to produce it to their bosses or employers, especially post an absence from their daily work. Through fake doctor’s notes, employees can easily resume their work at offices, and also avail the benefits of sick pay if any. It may be a costly affair for employees to visit a doctor to collect a return to work note when they suffer from minor illnesses that can be otherwise cured through self medication or home remedies. Thus, a fake doctor’s note is mostly used by employees in such scenarios.

An Extra Day Off from School: Majority of students feels cumbersome to attend classes after a stressful day, or due to common illnesses like flu. There can be instances when students simply need a break for a day or two in order to refresh their minds from academic pressure. Well, these are some of the instances when a fake doctor’s note for students comes in good use. It is believed that students perform better in academics when they take a break from their regular schedules once in a while.

While these are some of the common uses of fake doctor’s notes, there are many other reasons such as taking off from work to take care of your ill child, attending your close friend’s wedding, late night hangover, and many more.

Advantages of Fake Doctor’s Notes

Authentic: Some of the renowned websites dealing with fake doctor’s notes such as bestfakedoctornotes.com provide excuse notes that look completely authentic. The notes are free from errors and consist of quality graphics that add to the authenticity. The fake doctor’s notes are detailed like that of an original note.

Quick Download: Gone are the days when the doctor’s notes were being emailed manually. With the advancement in the web industry, many web sites offer fake doctor’s notes that can be availed within seconds after completion of the billing procedure. Most websites respond quickly to queries raised by users via email.

Self Creation of Notes: Most web sites do not buy and resell doctor’s notes via other sources, especially the renowned sites like bestfakedoctornotes.com. This particular website creates notes with legitimate excuses on its own. The logos and the graphic work look way too genuine and nobody can detect that it’s a fake note.

Reasonable Price: You can take a few moments, and browse through the internet to gain ideas on how affordable are the websites that deal with fake doctor’s notes. Many reliable websites like bestfakedoctornotes.com offer excuse notes at affordable prices. It is considered as one of the most effective websites offering genuine looking notes that are reasonably priced.

Money Back Guarantee: Besides offering high quality excuse notes, some of the websites offer money back scheme, wherein if users are not happy with the excuse notes, they can avail refund within the defined timeline. So, users can be highly benefited with such policies.

Recommended Sites to Buy An Authentic Fake Doctor’s Note

Although many websites offer fake doctor’s notes, one of the best websites is bestfakedoctornotes.com. The site offers authentic, customizable, and printable doctor’s notes. This particular site consists of 30 authentic doctor note templates that accommodate all kinds of illness. The doctor’s notes offered in this site are priced quite reasonably, and are printable on specific kinds of papers as preferred by users.

The logos printed on the notes in addition to the graphic definitions create an authentic look and appeal to all users. This is one of the very few sites that seldom receive any complaints from its users. The notes look highly professional. Once you download the notes from this site, all you need to do is edit the name and other details, and you are ready to submit the notes to your teacher or employer.

List of Different Types of Doctor’s Notes

  • Eye Specialist Note
  • Podiatrist Note
  • Urologist Note
  • Prescription Note        
  • Dermatologist Note
  • Cardiologist Note
  • Work/School Excuse Note
  • ENT Note
  • Funeral Pamphlets
  • Classic Doctor Note
  • Absenteeism Note
  • Hospital Printout
  • And much more

Factors to Be Considered before You Submit a Doctor’s Note

Professional Look: The prime factor to be borne in mind before submitting a fake doctor’s note is to ensure that they are available in printed form on a professional letterhead. The excuse note should essentially consist of the doctor’s name, details with regards to his practice, full address, and contact number. If you come across a website offering doctor’s note on a white paper, do not go for it as you will surely end up inviting trouble. Your higher authorities would never accept such notes. Hence, you need to ensure that the notes look perfect and consist of a logo as well.

Accurate Details: The higher authority, after accepting the doctor’s note, would certainly look for something important at the very first glance. Besides the full name, address, and contact number of the doctor, you need to check if it consists of appropriate details regarding the diagnosis. Most of the original doctor’s notes consist of details about the returning date to work or school. However, try to avoid adding excess information on the note, so that you are not caught. The note should be as simple and brief as possible.

Call Verification Feature: One of the most useful features offered by any good site includes the call verification. Look for a site that offers this particular facility. If the situation arises wherein your employer or school authority wants to examine the legitimacy of the doctor’s note, they can do so simply by calling the number that’s printed on the doctor’s note in order to get a genuine response from one of the staff members. This feature saves users from getting caught.

How to Download a Fake Doctor’s Note?

Purchasing a fake doctor’s note from bestfakedoctornotes.com hardly takes time, and the procedure is quite simple to follow. It mainly consists of three easy actions as mentioned below.

  • Download the preferred doctor’s note from the site to your laptop or computer
  • Customize the note by filling in the relevant information
  • Use a good quality paper and take a printout of the same within seconds


All in all, the use of fake doctor’s notes has become increasingly popular across the world. However, before you decide to submit a fake doctor’s note, you need to check the notes thoroughly to ensure that it looks real. Therefore, choosing the best websites like bestfakedoctornotes.com makes all the difference. With the introduction and advancement of such useful sites, many workers and students get some time off from their usual routine. Although it can be used for inevitable reasons, it should not become a regular or frequent practice to bunk work or school. By doing so, you would not only do injustice to your organization, but also create suspicion in the minds of your higher authorities.

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